Well. Here I am getting this blog started and learning more by the minute. I guess you could call putting this thing together “creative” but it’s more like work. – once I decide on a theme, or learn to make one myself, then it will get more interesting. In the meantime – I’ll continue in the “setup” mode and hopefully everything will turn out wonderfully.

I’ve edited the images in the theme and learning CSS to try and see if I can get to a place that I can design my own page. I’ve certainly learned alot about WordPress and PHP an SQL and thanks to my friend Cricket I’ve learned how to set up the database on my host (1and1), and then install WordPress, and get this thing going.

Well, I need to get back to getting things together for you to enjoy so I’ll make this short and get back to work.

Here’s Lookin’ At you, Kid:

Here's Lookin' At You  © 2009


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  1. King Vierra says:

    Great post, I read this a while ago and, since then . I was wondering… can I translate your post into portuguese – with link to your original post, of course?

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